Age: 20 | Date:

My first MEAN stack application. Submitted as coursework to Coventry University, UK. The module tasked us with creating a website for a bus company, it was up to us what the website did. Most people chose to do a simple booking system whilst I decided to be a bit more ambitious and create a recommendation website.


Age: 21 | Date:

This website! Completely redesigned and overhauled to use MEAN MERN Svelte 3 Sapper. As you can tell I use my website for playing around with various frameworks/stacks. Eventually I'll get around to putting more content on here...



Age: 22 | Date:

Submitted as coursework to Coventry University, UK. A community-driven game review website. Allows each registrant to give a short and long review for each game on the website. The short review is limited to text and an overall positive/negative score whilst the long review is a score of 0-100 and can contain any markdown including images and videos. Used the GitFlow branching model and Continuous Integration and Development to get 100% code coverage. The module required the random name for all publicly viewable repositories.