Programming Language



Age: 22 | Date:

Submitted as coursework to Coventry University, UK. Parallel and Distributed Programming. This module covered how to write code so that it runs more efficiently and reliably using concurrency, parallelism (MPI) and distribution (OpenMP). The coursework required a portfolio of each technique as well as an assignment to create a simulation of a mars rover with a subsumption architecture.


Age: 19 | Date:

Submitted as coursework to Coventry University, UK. Programming, Algorithms, and Data Structures. This coursework was to create a console application (with a menu) that runs 13 complex tasks e.g. N-Queen Problem, Hamiltonian Paths, and string edit distance. I used C++ templates which automatically detected the data type of user input and also sanitised, type checked, and error checked their input.


Jon Hash

Age: 20 | Date:

One part of a module from second year at university was to design my own hashing algorithm. I am in the process of converting it to C from C++.